Russell Lights - Vol 10 Issue 1 - Jan 2007

This photo of a camera, set of binoculars and telescope once belonged to American game fisherman, Zane Grey. It was given by him to his boatman in the Bay of Islands, Peter William, and purchased by the museum from Peter’s daughter, Patti, in 1994.

Peter Wiliams’ boat was the Avalon. Zane Grey appreciated his skill so much he shipped launch and man to Australia to fish. Peter joined him in Florida, Tonga and other fishing Mecca. Zane Grey’s two books on fishing in the Bay really publicised the area as an ideal spot for sport fishing.

When Peter died in 1950 a flotilla of game boats with game flags at half mast escorted his ashes to their watery resting place between Ninepin and Red Head.

Russell Museum is glad to have such items that acknowledge an important aspect of our history.