Original photo © Russell Museum

Percy Kydd with delicious bounty

Here is Percy Kydd with the result of a summer dive in the Bay, a photo taken by Warkworth photographer Tudor Collins in the1950s.
Percy was one of a family of 12 children whose parents were David Henry Kydd and his wife Bertha nee Hau. David’s mother Matilda had been the widow of George Cook, whaler, so David had Cook half brothers and cousins  who established the shore based whaling station at Whangamumu.

In 1911 David and Bertha moved to Russell so their children were able to attend Russell school. Percy himself became  a farm manager for Bay of Islands farm owners.He later moved to Russell working as a builder with Jack Maioha. He died in 1982 aged 66.
Fishing, diving and enjoying the beautiful marine environment is a special feature  of a Russell summer for locals and visitors alike.