Russell Lights - Vol 10 Issue 9 - May 2007

This doll is dressed in the uniform of a New Zealand soldier, South African War 1899 – 1902.

Such dolls are very collectible as they were home-made. The New Zealand Army Museum at Waiouru, when they visited a few years ago, claimed they didn’t have one.

New Zealand volunteers to this war totalled 6495 men and 8000 horses. 228 men died – 70 in action, 133 from disease and 25 in accidents. Three young men went from Russell:

  • Private Ludovic Colquhoun who later served in WWI
  • Private Henry Tapua Athelston Stephenson
  • Private Alfred George Bernard Williams.

Two came home but Henry stayed on in South Africa as a telegraphist and died of enteric fever in 1903.