Clansman at Russell Wharf c1890
Original photo © Russell Museum

Today, as in the past, most visitors approach Russell from the sea. Russell wharf is our front door.

Old photos from the 1860s show two jetties, north of the present wharf, with tramlines into waterfront stores.

A larger “government” wharf was built on the present site in 1879 and soon lengthened for larger vessels. Most supplies to the town came over it by coastal steamer.

The wharf was rebuilt in 1927 with a large storage shed. Petrol bowsers, new jetties, and sheds for the local fisheries inspector and swordfish club were added later.

In the 1980s the wharf was again rebuilt with a smaller “shed” (the info office) and north and south jetties.

Now, Northland Holdings Ltd has decided, it’s time to remodel again. It won’t be easy with many users with different needs – commercial launches, pleasure boats, tourists, commercial and recreational fishermen, and at times emergency services.

It’s important all affected have their say. We must get it right.