Russell's Butchers Bike

The old butcher's bike which was parked outside the Joint in Cass Street is still around. Bill Shatwell of the Joint and the then landlord Tony Gilbert donated it to the Russell Museum. Laurie Coates, of Tapeka, has cleaned and restored the bike (he used to have a cycle shop in Auckland, and was a keen cyclist). All it lacks now is a basket and the museum hopes to find an original or have a replacement made. Laurie says the bike is an Hercules dating from the 1930s.

David Woodcook 1944

This photo is of David Woodcock, who had a grocer store in York St, riding the bike, doing deliveries, in 1944. He sold the bike to Duncan Hawkins, the butcher, for $50 and the bike stayed with the butchery under subsequent owners.

The museum hopes the bike will be able to be out and about for community events.

Research (Rangahau)

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