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Books on sale at the Russell Museum

Russell Museum specialises in Northland books and publications that can sometimes be hard to find elsewhere in New Zealand.

Some of these titles are published by the Russell Museum while others are reprints or facsimiles of old titles sourced from small specialist publishers.

If you wish to order any of these titles, please email us.

Recommended Reading

A Most Noble Anchorage - a story of Russell and the Bay of Islands by Marie King

Russell - more than a place - a brief social history of Russell

The Children of Rangi & Papa The Maori story of creation - paintings and poems by Pauline Kahurangi Yearbury.  First published 1976.

Jacky Nobody - a children's story of a young boy living in the Bay of Islands in the 1840s by Anne de Roo

Come Back Ginger - a true story of a young girl, her cat and a special bird set in Kororareka in 1845. Dorothy Butler

Of Captains, Colonists and Convicts - the story of two early Russell families, the Cooks and the Williams, by Des Price.



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