Since cricket is a hot topic at present, it seemed a good time to revisit Russell’s cricketing history. The older of these two photos is of a Russell Cricket Team in the 1900s, the other is a Bay College first eleven in 1958. There are two copies of the old photo in the museum – both with handwritten comments on the back. Apparently in one year (the date wasn’t recorded) they played 3 matches, during Easter, in Russell. On Friday they played Hukerenui, then Whangarei on Saturday and Hikurangi on Monday, winning all three. A second copy of the photo dated 1903-04 records a victory over Whangarei at Mair Park. The victorious cricketers were : Back  Row:  H S Williams, J B Williams, S H Williams , Edgar Webb, W P Baker  Centre Row: W C Anderson (Coach), R Williams, Matthew Whitelaw, Willie Cook. Front row: Edgar Florance, Sid Irving, E.J. Darby. The school team photo was taken by Ian Hanlon. Can anyone give us names for those players and coaches?