Who owns our cannon? Since about 1840, when Ben Turner did – no-one has owned it. Or perhaps everyone has. Every child that sat on it for a photo, every local who told its story to a visitor, everyone who wondered when, where and what damage its cannonballs had done to ships or buildings had as much claim to it as the next person. Russell Museum wishes to change its ownership status but not without first consulting its other de facto owners.

The Russell Centennial Trust Board is assuming ownership of the Cannon on the Russell waterfront under their Mission Statement to protect Russell’s Heritage. Please advise within 14 days of this notice if there are any objections. Urgent repairs are required. Dianne Davey, Russell Centennial Trust Board, 2 York St. Phone 403 7701. ( This advertisement was placed in the New Zealand Herald 4th June 2011)

Russell Museum trustee Reg Mogford, Trevor Sowry and other local volunteers repaired the barrel and constructed a new carriage in 1992. Similar work needs to be done again and trustees intend to initiate this work once ownership is established.

Photofile no. 4036 shows the cannon with the Pacific Hotel/Hananui behind.

Correction: Heritage Corner 108 in the last issue, “Under The Gables’ Wallpaper” should read: ‘There were newspapers below them, some still legible, dating back to 1885’, not 1825.