Have a close look at these schoolboys from the 1920s. Each one holds a spade, hoe, hedge clippers or rake and stands behind a pile of corn cobs, or perhaps a cauliflower. We know the name of the tall boy on the left – Les Williams – but the others are all anonymous. We had such a good response to our last query (all the 1959 swimmers from our last photo now have names) that we thought we’d try again. Who were these 1920s Russell School gardeners? Your great uncle?  Grandfather? The gentleman in white shirt and tie on the left may be Principal John Wright who taught from 1923 to 1932. The original Baker Cottage can be seen in the background.

Text & Photo: Russell Museum. Photofile # 23-052

Info from Claudia Grant 9/4/12. Actually Lindauer moved to Russell and may have started teaching in 1931. This is not Lindauer in the photo. Claudia born May 1932, Max Arlidge born September 1932, both delivered by Mrs Mundy midwife in house where St Peter Chanel  church is now. Max was Mrs Mundy’s  last delivery – Dolly Arlidge always told Claudia. Building then became St John premises and later the Catholic presbytery.