When next you are in Russell it would be well worth your while to visit the new museum. When I went I was absolutely amazed at the items on display and their history attached.

I wondered which items in use at the present time would in 20 years hence be a museum piece. I’ve got it—a pint milk bottle. By then we will be well and truly into the metric system and a pint bottle will be as obsolete as now are the ration book and tram-way card which were in use during the war 30 years ago.”

The reporter was spot on with the metric observation but the idea of plastic bottles was a step too far. In our fast changing world I am predicting that technological appliances we take for granted today will be museum pieces in 5 years, not 20.

For example, will cell phones be obsolete and implanted micro- chips take their place? Will micro- chips be obsolete and some unheard of nanotechnology be running the world? Will the promised robot be cleaning our houses and will vacuum cleaners be museum pieces? We would enjoy some reader feedback on this issue, and have 2 free museum passes for the best ideas, which will be published in the Russell Lights. Admission to the museum is free to locals so the passes would be useful for visitors or guests.

When did you last visit your museum?