Two views – huts in the forties, for soldiers, and canvas tents in the fifties for families and holidaymakers. The Russell Domain has been the temporary home for many thousands of summer visitors, but the 2nd Battalion 3rd Auckland Regiment was here in the winter too. The Aucks, as they were known, moved to Russell in late June ’42. The country was preparing for invasion by Japanese troops in the Pacific. In addition to sentry duties, and controlling the telephone exchange during the night, while they were stationed here the Aucks built the road that is named after them. Six days a week, from 7am till 4pm they were out there with minimal machinery, and picks and shovels, securing a supply route to the town. Fortunately it never had to be used for its other purpose – the removal of guns, if retreat ever became necessary. The Aucks had a peaceful sojourn here in Russell, just like the campers who followed them.