Museum Staff

Volunteers helping with collections

There is a small but friendly staff at Russell Museum.

Museum Manager – Fiona Mohr

Fiona Mohr

I have had a love of history and art ever since I can remember.  As a result I have been working as an arts and heritage professional for the past 40 years.  I have developed an affinity for community museums to assist in telling and connecting stories and taonga to people and place, and not just a repository for collections.  History is what defines us as an individual, a society, and as a nation.

I initially did a couple of contracts for the Russell Museum before being offered the position of Manager Curator.  Prior to here I was the Manager of the Waipu Museum for 4 years, where I successfully nominated the Nova Scotian documentary heritage collection for UNESCO Memory of the World listing.  A consultancy I did in conducting a full audit and report of the Fiji Museum funded by relief aid from the Australia Government that brought me to New Zealand.  I spent 5 years as a consultant working mostly in tandem with local government and community museums and galleries.  I have worked for the Queensland Museum as regional Museum Development Officer for 13 years, Mary MacKillop Place Museum, the Art Gallery of NSW as Registrar of Exhibitions, and the Historic Houses Trust over the last 40 years.  All of which I have enjoyed immensely.

Museum Assistant – Gaye Miller

Gaye was born in Russell and comes from a long time local family.  Gaye left Russell in her late teens and came back to live permanently in 2017.  Much of Gaye’s family still live in Russell and she was excited to be coming home. Gaye has a degree in Applied Information Systems and is a qualified Bookkeeper.  She has worked for the past 19 years in local Accounting firms, originally in IT but in more recent years as an implementer and trainer for Xero. In her spare time Gaye runs a small quilting business with her mum and can be found selling quilts at the local craft market. Russell is a very special place, Gaye feels privileged to be able to share our stories with visitors

Gaye Miller