Those who know their stuff about quilts will be acquainted with their amazing history, which shows, they date back to early Egypt and Mongolia, to an ancient time when quilts not only kept one warm but were also used as carpets.  Quilting is a relatively simple process of stitching layers of fabric and padding together; but it takes time to make a quilt.  Perhaps time and history inspired these local women to reinterpret familiar “Russell scenes” as works of patiently crafted art.  Presented by members of the Russell Arts & Crafts Group at the opening of Russell Museum’s Marie King Gallery on the 17 December, 1967, the Heritage Quilt is seen above with the women who created it.

Left to right:  Marjorie Malone – Swordfish;  Helen Fitchett – Pompallier House;  Pat McIlvride – Christ church;  Margaret Brightwell – Marsden Cross;  Shirley Hill – Flagstaff;  Rona Nightingale – Custom House;  Joan Collie – Penguin. The Heritage Quilt was lettered by Joy Pivac and framed by Helen Fitchett.

Photofile no. 22-063
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