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Māori History:

Īpipiri is the Māori name for the Eastern Bay of Islands. Take a look at  our collection of Māori artefacts and explore our digital interactive mapping table which explains the history of the Bay and tells the stories of first contact between Māori and the crew of the HM Bark Endeavour.

Endeavour and Early Explorers

Lt James Cook gave the Bay of Islands its English name when he visited in 1769. He anchored off Motuarohia just around the Kororāreka headland with a crew of scientists, botanists and Tupaia a High Priest navigator from Polynesia. Impressed with what he found, he put the Bay of Islands on the map on his return to England.

Latest happenings

Find out about the latest happenings and information from the Museum.
The History of Whaling – A talk by Lindsay Alexander

The History of Whaling – A talk by Lindsay Alexander

Local author and researcher Lindsay Alexander presents a talk which draws on his research into the history of whaling in the Bay of Islands and the South Pacific. This is also your chance to hear about his upcoming book and to view or purchase the two he has already...

Saltwater in our Veins

Saltwater in our Veins

Ko Ahau Anō Tētahi i Reira, Saltwater in our Veins is another Russell Museum to Tuia 250, the national commemoration taking place in October 2019. Scrimshaw trophy on loan from Russell Boating Club An ambitious new exhibition charting the Bay’s long and...

What our visitors say

The museum provides good background on Russell, and the importance of it in the formation of New Zealand as a country. Information and interpretation is easy to understand and relevant.
- Erica H, TripAdvisor

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